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troubled girl



Hailing from small town, Maine, Troubled Girl is the musical and artistic merging of madman genius, Mr Gadget, and his long-time friends, Raggedy and Slo Moe. Offering up an intoxicating feast for the senses, their music could be described as an uncanny mash-up of Nine Inch Nails meets En Vogue circa 1987 meets 2020. Their live performances are a sound and sight to behold, an all-you-can-eat buffet of interactive multi-media art.

A mish-mash of assemblage art, gadgetry, storytelling, and music, the project offers up more than just music and live performances. Each member of the group embodies a character in the world of Troubled Girl, and the story plays out in a metamorphosis of junk into multi-level assemblage art. 

Mr Gadget builds and programs musical instruments and interfaces for use both live and in the studio. He has programmed a computer scavenged from a hospital dumpster into a hub for live and recorded music. 

Live performances utilize no automation, but rather an intricate weaving of sound by way of instruments (many homemade), effects, and loops that are hand-controlled with triggers, sensors, and lasers.

Gadget has an up-cycling clothing line and has laced garments with triggers that can control aspects of live performances. He is currently working on a prototype for custom mic stands with built in triggers and sensors.

Raggedy is a singer-songwriter and assemblage artist who brings her art to the stage in singular style-- utilizing junk, chandeliers, and oddities in costume and accessory. With a couple of notable records and accolades under her belt (under different names), she escapes to her alter-ego as an artistic canvas, a synesthesic mirror of the sound of Troubled Girl.