Meet TG's New Time Machine BARBIE JO 2.0

Six months in the making, from inception and budgeting to the build, and Barbie Jo is finally here. Snuggled into her vintage Samsonite suit, Barbie Jo 2.0 is Troubled Girl's shiny new self-designed unit, replete with Akai MPC mounted to an integrated slide out tray. Her vintage 808 thick pads match Gadget's new satellite station, and this pretty little music computer is gearing up to make live looping history. 


BJ will replace Mr. Gadget's masterpiece machine, who had a rags to riches story of his own. The PC was salvaged from a hospital dumpster, and had previously been employed as an MRI computer. Re-homed inside a vintage Samsonite suitcase, the live-looping/MPC/synth station has been dropping beats and jaws from coast to coast for years. 


A fellow Gadgeteer remarked, "She looks as though she could manipulate space and time." This is a case, my dear fellow, where looks won't deceive. We can't wait to introduce you all, until then, Raggedy will be plastering the walls of BJ's boudoir. Perhaps there is no more fitting time to pull out that big box of vintage Playboy Magazines from the 1950s through the 60s. Here's to you Hugh.